I have had cerebral palsy all my life.  I’ve also had art.  But it’s only recently that technology has allowed me to create and express it. I was educated at Sandall Wood School for the Physically Handicapped in South Yorkshire before attending Oxford University, where I read Modern History and graduated in 1994. I completed my MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University in 2020 and have my first solo exhibition entitled ‘Disability and the Divine’ at Peterborough Cathedral 2023

For me the landscape is always untouchable, impenetrable. Whatever its configuration, bucolic or urban, forests or tower blocks, it remains singularly whole and indivisible. Distant,  however close. The body is something to navigate each and every moment. Never knowing it completely, never mapping it with any certainty and impossible to occupy every part of at once.  The body is landscape and the landscape is body.

For too long disability has been largely relegated to its own separate narrative, its own organisations, collections and exhibitions. Life is mainstream & disability is life.

For freedom of exploration, art is the only miracle you need.

As well as producing contemporary portraits and commissions, my work is also about the portraits of a lost past. Reimagining historical portraiture with the faceless and forgotten.